Apply for a permit for commercial collection, processing or processing of wild plants

If you want to collect wild plants (e.B. field flowers, blueberries, moss, ferns, lichens, mushrooms, etc.) or parts of them for trade or other commercial purposes, you need the permission of the landowner and a permit from the authority responsible for nature conservation and landscape conservation. The aim is to prevent over-exploitation, severe reduction or even eradication of such wild plants. For this reason, the permit can be linked to certain conditions for the protection of wild plants, which can be withdrawn from you if they are not complied with. Plants within the meaning of the Federal Nature Conservation Act are: wild, artificially propagated and dead plants of wild species, seeds, fruits or other forms of development of wild plants, easily recognizable parts of plants of wild species and products easily recognisable from plants of wild species. As a commercial collector of wild plants, the permit must always be carried and handed over to the police or regulatory authority for examination upon request. In addition, commercial collection of forest products is only permitted with the special permission of the forest owner (state, municipality or private forest owner) and the effects of the forest and other legal assets are not affected only to the extent that they are affected. In the event of an intentional or negligent infringement, the competent forestry office may impose a fine.

A written request is required.

A written request is required. This should include the following information: which plant species is to be collected, which parts should be used commercially what quantities are taken where the wild plants are collected

Authorisation for the commercial use of wild plants shall be granted provided that the stock of the species concerned is not endangered at the place of collection and the natural environment is not significantly affected.

The rights of the owners and other users remain unaffected. Permission to collect forest products for commercial use is not unlimited. It is permitted only if proper forestry is not affected and can be reconciled with the other effects of the forest. The destruction and digging of plants or the breaking off and cutting off of shoots is not permitted. The permit granted does not include specially protected species, which may not be taken from the forest.