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Plants for handling water-hazardous substances (e.g. the storage of heating oil, petrol, manure) are a source of danger for water and soil due to the risk potential. The legislator therefore requires that such activities be reported. Who wants to operate or shut down plants for handling water-hazardous substances or pipeline systems within the meaning of the Water Management Act, stores, bottles or refills hazardous substances without installations, report his plan in good time before the start of the action. Significant changes to the operation are also subject to notification.

Plans and technical descriptions of the plant. Detailed information can be found on the Internet.

If the project requires other public-law regulations of official approval, in particular a planning approval, approval, or permit, a notification is not required. In such cases, the relevant competent authority will involve the competent water authority in the authorisation procedure.

The obligation to notify is not the case for above-ground storage tanks for petrol, heating oil and diesel fuel with a room content of not more than 1 000 litres outside water and healing water and health conservation areas.

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