Reliability check (trade subject to supervision) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

When you declare a trade in need of monitoring, the competent authority must verify your reliability as a trader. Therefore, you are obliged to request the following immediately after the application: Certificate of leadership (document type 0, for presentation to authorities), Information from the central business register (document type 0, for submission to authorities). If you fail to comply with this obligation, the Authority shall obtain this information of its own motion. In any case, the documents will not be sent to you, but directly to the competent authority. Businesses in need of monitoring are: The sale and sale of high-quality consumer goods, in particular consumer electronics, computers, optical products, cameras, video cameras, carpets, fur and leather clothing, motor vehicles and bicycles, precious metals and alloys containing precious metals and goods of precious metal or alloys containing precious metals, gemstones, pearls and jewellery, as well as Scrap metals by companies specialising in the trade in second-hand goods, providing information on financial circumstances and personal matters (information agencies, detectives), mediation of marriages, partnerships and acquaintances, operation of travel agencies and accommodation, distribution and installation of building security equipment, including key services, Manufacture and distribute special theft-related opening tools

Certificate of leadership (for submission to an authority) Business central register extract (for submission to an authority)

Section 38 Trade Code

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