Vocational training: Intermediate examination

In Germany, during vocational training in recognised training occupations, an intermediate examination is usually to be taken in accordance with the training regulations. The intermediate examination can already be used to determine the level of training of the trainees during the course of the training. The aim is to identify any knowledge gaps that can be filled in the remaining training period.

If the final examination is carried out in two parts that are divided over time, no intermediate examination is required.

The Audit Committee of the competent body (e.g. Chamber) is responsible for carrying out the interim examination.

The result of the intermediate check is not included in the final grade. The trainee will be informed of the results of the examination in a certificate of participation. In the case of occupations with a duration of three or three and a half years, the intermediate examination should take place before the end of the second year of training, and in the case of two years of training before the end of the first year of training.

Participation in the examination requires prior registration. For this purpose, the registration or application forms of the competent authority must be used. All examination-relevant forms (registration, invitations) are sent to the training company or the applicant for examination.


For trainees, participation in the intermediate examination is a prerequisite for the final examination (exception: occupations with a stretched final examination).

  • Section 48 Vocational Training Act (BBiG)
  • Section 39 Law on the Order of Crafts (Trade Semen - HwO)

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