Vocational training: Carrying out the trainer's aptitude test

Training (companies) must ensure that trainees are provided with the vocational skills and skills required to achieve the training objective during the planned training period. The trainers must either train themselves or explicitly commission an instructor to do so.
Under the Vocational Training Act (BBiG), trainees in recognised training occupations are normally only allowed to train if they employ trainers who meet the aptitude requirements and thus demonstrate the acquisition of vocational and work pedagogical skills, knowledge and skills.

In addition to proof of personal and professional aptitude (vocational training trainers - professional aptitude) the prerequisites for the trainer's activity are proof of the trainer's aptitude test. The Training Ordinance (AEVO) applies to all training companies - with the exception of training courses in the field of the liberal professions.

The suitability according to the Trainer's Suitability Ordinance must be demonstrated in an examination. The examination consists of a written and a practical part and is passed if each part of the examination has been rated at least "sufficient". Within an examination procedure, a failed examination may be repeated twice. A passed part of the examination can be credited. The competent body (e.g. the respective chamber) shall establish an audit committee for the acceptance of the examination. A passed AEVO examination is therefore proof of several evidence to be provided in order to be able to work as an instructor.

For training relationships between 1 August 2003 and 31 July 2009 inclusive, trainers were exempt from proof of the trainer's examination (vocational training: trainer aptitude test - exemption ). The new Trainer Suitability Ordinance entered into force on 1 August 2009. Therefore, for training contracts concluded from 1 August 2009, the training and pedagogical aptitude of the trainer must be demonstrated.

  • Section 30 Vocational Training Act (BBiG)
  • Section 4 Trainer Suitability Ordinance (AEVO)

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