Vocational training: trainers - revocable recognition of professional competence

In order to be professionally suitable, the trainer must have the professional and pedagogical skills necessary to provide the training content. Those who have spent sufficient time in their profession have the knowledge and skills. In addition, he must have passed one of the following examinations in a discipline corresponding to the training occupation:

  • the final audit,
  • a recognised examination at a training establishment or before an examination authority or a final examination at a state (or state-recognised) school, or
  • a final examination at a German university.

It is the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology or another competent ministry, in agreement with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, to determine which examinations are recognised for which training occupations. The Main Committee of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training must be consulted by decree. The Ministry may also request that the acquisition of vocational and work-pedagogical skills and skills be demonstrated separately.

Professional competence may be recognised by the competent regional authority, but also by persons who do not meet the above conditions, except for revocation. The competent body (e.g. the chamber of commerce or crafts) must be consulted. In some federal states, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry or other chambers are directly responsible for the revocable recognition of professional competence in accordance with Section 30 (6) of the BBiG. The recognition of professional competence therefore requires those who want to recruit and train, but are not entitled to training. The award does not replace any proof of vocational and work pedagogical knowledge to be provided.

The application for professional competence for training can be obtained from the competent authority, usually online as a download. The designations vary according to the competent authority, e.g. "Application for revocable qualification for apprenticeship in accordance with Section 30 (6) of the Vocational Training Act".

  • Section 30 sec. 6 Vocational Training Act (BBiG)
  • Section 22b (5) Law on the Order of Crafts (Trade Seam - HwO)

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