Media Centres / Image Centres

Media centres and image centres support the school promoter with regard to the provision of appropriate media and equipment to schools, day care centres and other educational institutions. They advise on their use and train teachers and multipliers of youth and adult education in media education and media technology.

The focus is on imparting basic knowledge of video and sound production, handling of technology, camera guidance and image design as well as the active application of the taught theory.

Media centres and image centres offer a wide range of media with necessary usage rights and equipment and offer a corresponding technical service. Media centres in state, municipal or church sponsorship follow a non-profit educational mission.

Belonging to schools (teachers), public authorities, non-profit or registered associations, extracurricular educational institutions, parishes, as well as institutions of youth and adult education. The rental to private individuals is subject to the rental conditions of the respective institution.

Proof of entitlement may need to be provided.

Applications and forms are available from the respective facility.


Access to online media is increasingly possible.

Section 108 paragraph 4 Lower Saxony School Act

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