Experts Persons: Public Appointment and Swearing-in Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Any person who is or intends to operate as a publicly appointed and sworn expert in the fields of industry, including mining, deep-sea and coastal fishing, agriculture and forestry, including gardening and viticulture, shall be appointed and sworn in on request by the competent body for certain subject areas.

The public order certifies that the applicant is particularly qualified in a particular field. The decisive factor is personal aptitude and special expertise.
The task of the experts is to assess a situation impartially and independently of the contracting authority. This ensures the necessary objectivity.

Publicly appointed and sworn experts must prove their expertise to the competent body.

  • informal application with CV
  • Declaration on the Rules of Experts
  • Copies of diplomas/diplomas
  • Indication of 5 references that can be heard about knowledge, etc.
  • Impacts of at least 3 expert opinions
  • an explanation of whether and to which chambers an application has already been submitted and with what result
  • Proof of attendance at training events
  • 1 passport photo in colour
  • current management certificate (document type O)


  • Need for expert services
  • Proof of special expertise
  • no concerns about suitability


The work of the expert shall be terminated when the public appointment expires. This is the case if:

  • declares to the relevant competent body that he no longer intends to act as a publicly appointed and sworn expert/publicly appointed and sworn expert,
  • the time for which the expert is publicly appointed expires;
  • the competent authority shall withdraw or revoke the public order.

The expert Preson shall return the order certificate, id card and circular stamp to the competent authority after the expiry of the public order.

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The procedure for the public appointment of an expert shall begin with an application and detailed preliminary discussions. After examination of the documents to be submitted, a personal suitability is checked. The review of the so-called special expertise before a specialist panel is structured as follows:

  • Pre-examination of reports, publications and other qualifications to be submitted,
  • written and oral verification,
  • Vote of the expert body and the committee of experts of the competent body.

If all prerequisites are met, the swearing-in will follow.
The expert to be appointed shall sign the undertaking to sign the declaration of swearing and consent to the use of the data. If the subject area of an order is changed or expanded, the reference to the earlier oath shall suffice instead of taking the oath.

Experts shall be sworn in to carry out their expert duties independently, without instructions, in person, conscientiously and impartially, and to give their opinions accordingly. The content of the public order may be limited, limited in time for a limited period and subject to conditions.

Under the conditions set out, the public appointment and swearing-in of particularly suitable persons who are active in the economic field shall also take place.

  • identify certain facts relating to property, in particular the nature, quantity, weight or proper packaging of goods, or
  • verify the proper performance of certain activities.

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