Legal services based on special expertise: registration - of persons providing pension advice

If you wish to provide pension advice in the following areas, you must register with the competent authority: statutory pension and accident insurance social compensation law other social security and severely disabled persons' rights relating to a statutory pension as well as occupational and occupational pensions Pension advice is a part of legal advice under Section 10 of the Legal Services Act (RDG). Further information is provided in the service "Legal services on the basis of special expertise: registration ".

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summary presentation of the vocational training course and the previous practice of the profession Certificate of leadership for authorities (document type O) Explanation of whether insolvency proceedings are pending or whether an entry in a debtor register has been made in accordance with Section 26 (2) of the Insolvency Regulations (InsO) in the last three years prior to the filing of the application. Explanation of whether registration or admission to the bar has been refused, withdrawn or revoked in the three years preceding the application, or whether an exclusion from the bar has been made and, if so, a copy of the decision Documents proving practical expertise: Work certificates/other certificates of the previous practical activity or qualification for a judgeship according to the German Judges' Act (DRiG) Documents proving theoretical expertise: Certificate of successfully completed subject-matter course, written supervision and evaluation as well as a detailed description of the contents and course of the course Proof of professional inertial insurance

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special expertise in the relevant areas of law natural and legal person or companies without legal personality Registration may be subject to conditions or conditional conditions if necessary to protect the right to do so or to legal transactions.

Anyone established in the European Economic Area (EEA) for the purpose of practising a profession related to the provision of legal services may, under certain conditions, occasionally and as a temporary legal service in Germany.