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Interventions in nature and landscape require permission.

Such interventions, which may significantly affect the performance and functioning of the natural household or the landscape, are:

  • Changes in shape,
  • Use of base areas or
  • Changes in the groundwater level associated with the animated soil layer.

Not as an intervention is the

  • land, forestry and fisheries land use, in so far as the objectives and principles of nature conservation and landscape conservation are taken into account,
  • the resumption of land use of agriculture, forestry and fisheries which is temporarily restricted by contractual agreements with the nature conservation authority or by participation in public management restriction programmes or interrupted, provided that the resumption of use takes place within 10 years of the expiry of the contractual agreement or the management restriction programme.

In principle, applications must be made informally. In addition to the plan and description, all the information necessary for the assessment of the project is required.

What is needed is a so-called "specialist contribution to nature conservation". This should include:

  • the project description and
  • the identification of the likely impact on nature and landscape,
  • the presentation of the possibilities for preventing or minimizing the intervention as well as of compensatory and/or replacement measures.

Early consultation with the competent body is recommended.


In special cases, a species protection assessment must be carried out in accordance with Section 39 of the Law on Nature Conservation and Landscape Conservation (BNatSchG), which is also subject to a fee.

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