Permission to transfer firearms and ammunition

Permission to transfer firearms or ammunition across borders within the scope of the Arms Act, to other Member States of the European Union or to Switzerland is granted by the competent authority. The competent authority may issue the relevant movement permit only if the competent authority of the recipient State has given its prior consent, i.e. has issued an import permit.

Arms trade permit or weapons manufacturing permit Proof of safe transport (see no. 31.2 i.V.m. 29.3 General Administrative Regulation on the Arms Act (WaffVwV)) The applicant shall provide the following information: Name and address of the company, telephone or fax number, first and last names, Place of birth and date of the holder of the permit in accordance with Section 21 (1) of the Arms Act (WaffG) Recipient Member State Type of weapons and ammunition When the firearms or ammunition is transported within the European Union to a arms dealer in another Member State by or on behalf of an holder of the licence pursuant to Paragraph 31(2) of the WaffG, a declaration referring to that licence may be carried in place of the licence in accordance with paragraph 1. The declaration must be made on the official form provided for this purpose and shall include the following information: the name of the Member State of dispatcher and of the recipient, the countries of transit, the mode of transport and the carrier on the consignors, the persons liable for declaration and the recipient: Name and address of the company, telephone or fax number on the permission in accordance with Section 31 (2) WaffG : Date and number of issue, issuing authority and period of validity the prior consent of the other Member State or the exemption from the prior consent: Date of issue and issuing authority, indication of weapons; a double prior consent or exemption shall be attached to the declaration on the weapons: in the case of firearms: number and type of weapons, category according to Appendix 1 Section 3 WaffG, manufacturer's company or registered trademark, model name, calibre, manufacturing number and, where applicable, C.I.P. firearms for other weapons: number and type of weapons on the ammunition: Number and type of ammunition, category under Directive (EEC) No 93/15 on the harmonisation of the provisions on the placing on the market and control of explosives for civil purposes (OJ No. EC No L 121 p. 20), the manufacturer's company or registered trademark, calibre and, where applicable, C.I.P. ammunition test marks; via the delivery address: details the place where the weapons or ammunition are dispatched or transported.

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The recipient is entitled to purchase or possess such weapons or ammunition. The safe transport by a person authorized to acquire or possess these weapons or ammunition is guaranteed. Where firearms or ammunition are to be transported to Germany from another Member State of the European Union, authorisation shall be granted as consent to the authorisation of the other Member State for the removal in question. If the destination is another Member State of the European Union, its consent is also necessary.

Separate conditions apply to the personal carrying of weapons, e..B. as a sport shooter. In certain cases, there are obligations to notify the Federal Criminal Police Office in accordance with Section 34 of the Weapons Act (WaffG). Before moving weapons to another state, it makes sense to inform yourself in advance about the provisions of the weapons law in force there. The respective embassies or consulates are available for this purpose. Irrespective of the provisions of the law on weapons law, customs regulations must also be observed.