Commercial transport of waste Permit

Anyone wishing to transport hazardous waste on a commercial basis requires a permit (transport permit). The permit is granted on request by the competent authority and may be subject to conditions and obligations.

The permit requirement on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany also applies to the transboundary shipment of waste. A notification procedure does not replace the transport authorisation.

For waste not classified as hazardous, a notification of commercial transport is required .

The documents are required in accordance with § 9 Abs. 1 Anzeige- und Erlaubnisverordnung (AbfAEV).

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A company that is a specialist waste management company in accordance with § 56 of the Circular Economy Act (KrWG) and is certified for the respective activity does not require a permit. A notification of the commercial transport of waste shall be submitted to the competent authority.

  • Circular Economy Act (KrWG)

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