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In order to be able to practise the profession of veterinarian in Germany, a separate professional qualification - the approval or the permission to carry out the veterinary profession temporarily - is required.

The approval is issued by the Land in which the veterinary examination has been taken or, if the veterinary training has been carried out outside Germany, by the Land in which the veterinary profession is to be carried out in a registered activity. .

You can request an overview of the documents required for approval from the competent authorities.

The documents required in accordance with Section 4 of the Federal Veterinary Regulations (BTÄO) and Section 63 of the Ordinance for the Approval of Veterinarians (TAppV) are necessary. They may be addressed to the competent authority without certain formal requirements.

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The approval is subject to various conditions, which are based on

  • successful degree in Germany or equivalent training abroad,
  • nationality as well as
  • personal and health suitability for the exercise of the profession



Veterinary action prior to approval can lead to criminal consequences in accordance with Section 132a of the Criminal Code (StGB).

  • § 132a Strafgesetzbuch (StGB)

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