Training company: training preparation - monitoring

Vocational training preparation is part of vocational training. Its aim is to introduce vocational training in a recognised vocational training profession by providing vocational training.

For companies wishing to train, the first contact persons are the bodies responsible for training, for example the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK), Chamber of Crafts (HWK). They decide, for example, on their suitability for the training company and supervise vocational training preparation, vocational training and vocational retraining. The implementation of these measures will be encouraged by providing advice to those involved in vocational training. The competent body shall be appointed to this end by consultants.
Trainees, retrainers and providers of training preparation measures are obliged, on request, to provide the information necessary for monitoring and to provide documentation. In addition, visits to the training establishments must be permitted.

A company is suitable as a training company if it is suitable for vocational training by type and establishment and the number of trainees is proportionate to the number of skilled workers employed.

If a company does not have the opportunity to provide the trainee with all the professional skills necessary for his or her training, he or she can join forces with one or more other training companies to form a training network. It is also possible to place the training areas which cannot be offered in-house outside the training centre (e.g. in intercompany training centres).


According to BBiG Section 68ff, persons with learning disabilities or socially disadvantaged persons whose level of development does not yet permit a successful training in a recognised training occupation must be carried out by means of a comprehensive social pedagogical support and support. The preparation of training must meet the specific requirements of these trainees in terms of content, nature, purpose and duration.

The trainee body shall notify the competent body in writing of the implementation of training preparation measures before it has started.

  • Section 76 Vocational Training Act (BBiG)
  • Section 27ff., 32, 68, 71 Vocational Training Act (BBiG)

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