Authorisation for the commercial control of vertebrate animals as pests Granted

If you want to kill or stun vertebrates as pests on a commercial basis, you need an animal welfare permit from the competent authority before starting your work. You can apply for permission in writing in paper form, via the Lower Saxony Application System for Administrative Services Online (NAVO) and from 2023 via the company portal for health-related consumer protection. To obtain a permit, you must attach to the application, among other things, proof of competence of the people who carry out the work of killing and stunning.

No documents are required.

Application is completed completely and correctly All necessary documents are available

Anyone who carries out an activity without the permission required by § 11 sec. 1 sentence 1 of the Animal Welfare Act (§ 18 sec. 1 no. 20 TierSchG) is acting in an administrative offence.
You will receive the permit from the competent authority after you have submitted the necessary documents and the application for a permit, the competent body has checked the documents and the conditions have been checked.

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Lower Saxony Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

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