Licence granted to insurance intermediaries

The activity as an insurance intermediary requires a licence issued by the competent authority.

The obligation to provide information applies to holders of the permit.

At the first business contact, certain information must therefore be provided to the customer. Mandatory information is e.B.:

  • the name and address of the insurance adviser,
  • Statement
    • whether certain insurance companies are represented (insurance representation) or
    • whether insurance is brokered (brokerage) or
    • whether advice is given on insurance (insurance advice).

Without permission, an insurance intermediary needs to mediate in particular in the following cases:

  • The mediation of insurance is carried out slightly as a sideline ("minor intermediary" or "minor intermediary").
  • The placement takes place only as a supplement to another activity.
    Example: Mediation of liability insurance by car dealers. However, this facilitation only applies under certain conditions and only if a licence exemption for product-ancillary insurance intermediaries is applied for.

An entry in the register of intermediaries is necessary.

With the application for authorisation as an insurance intermediary, an application for entry in the register of intermediaries may be submitted to the competent authority at the same time.

Special features for foreign nationals

Foreign nationals who have an establishment in another Member State of the European Union (EU) must register in that country. They do not need a permit in Germany nor can they be entered in the German insurance intermediary register.

The same provisions apply to foreign nationals from non-EU countries as to German nationals. These also apply to EU citizens who register a corresponding business exclusively in Germany.

General provisions on immigration law must be complied with. If certain German training courses are sufficient to prove competence, comparable certificates from the European Economic Area (EEA) are considered equivalent.

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for legal persons:

  • Extract from the Central Trade Register for each person authorised to represent and for the legal entity (for submission to an authority, document type 9)
  • Certificate of good conduct for authorities (document type O)
  • Clearance certificate from the tax office, excerpt from the debtor register and information from the insolvency court
  • Proof of existing financial loss liability insurance
  • Proof of competence
    • Proof of passing the proficiency test,
    • Proof of a recognised qualification
    • Proof of the existence of grandfathering ( business registration , possibly employment references) or
    • Proof of delegation to authorized representatives (via a separate form)
  • Current extract from the commercial or cooperative register

In addition, the competent authority may (e.B. by submitting annual reports) gain an impression of the financial situation of the legal person, contact the residence and regulatory authorities and, if necessary, carry out further investigations to assess the applicant.

In the event of prior written notification of a temporary exercise of the insurance intermediary activity (§ 13a Gewerbeordnung (GewO) within the scope of the GewO by nationals of a member state of the EU or a contracting state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area, if they are legally established in one of these states for the exercise of the insurance intermediary activity:

  • Proof of nationality (e.B. by identity card or passport )
  • Proof of legal establishment for the purpose of carrying on the insurance business in one of the above-mentioned countries
  • Proof that the exercise of these activities is not prohibited, even temporarily
  • Proof that there is no criminal record
  • Documents from the State of establishment proving good repute for the purpose of carrying out the insurance intermediary business
  • Proof of professional qualification if the activity of insurance intermediary is also linked to the possession of certain professional qualifications in the State of establishment
  • otherwise, proof that an insurance intermediary business has been practised in the State of establishment for at least two years during the previous ten years
  • Proof of insurance cover or other type of individual or collective protection in relation to professional liability

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  • Reliability necessary for commercial operations
    • Anyone who has been convicted of a crime or certain offences in the last five years does not have the necessary reliability.
  • Orderly financial circumstances
    • These will not be fulfilled if
      • opens insolvency proceedings against one's own assets, or
      • has been rejected for lack of assets, or
      • the applicant is entered in the debtor register.
  • Conclusion of a financial loss liability insurance
    • Currently, a minimum amount of cover of
      • 1,130,000.00 euros for each insured event and
      • 1,700,000.00 euros for all insurance claims of a year in total.
  • appropriate knowledge and skills.


The permission granted is valid indefinitely. It does not end until the insurance intermediary waives it. Under certain conditions, the competent authority may revoke or withdraw a licence and have the insurance intermediary removed from the register of intermediaries.

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