Insurance consultant permission

A permit is required for the work of an insurance consultant and issued by the competent authority. An entry in the intermediary register is necessary. At the same time, an application for registration in the register of intermediaries may be submitted to the competent body by applying for permission as an insurance consultant. The obligation to provide information applies to holders of the permit. At the first business contact, certain information must therefore be provided to the customer. Mandatory information is e.B. name and address of the insurance adviser, statement whether certain insurance policies are represented (insurance representation), or whether insurance is mediated (brokerage activity), or whether to advise on insurance (insurance advice) Without permission, an insurance consultant may mediate in particular in the following cases: Advice on insurance is minor as a part-time acquisition ("bagatell vermittler"). Advice is provided only as a supplement to another activity. Special features for foreign nationals Foreign nationals established in another Member State of the European Union (EU) must register in that country. They do not need a permit in Germany, nor can they be registered in the German insurance intermediary register. Foreign nationals from non-EU countries are subject to the same rules as German nationals. These also apply to EU nationals who register a corresponding trade only in Germany. General provisions on foreign law must be complied with. If certain German training courses are sufficient to prove their expertise, comparable evidence from the European Economic Area (EEA) is considered equivalent.

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Completed application form Copy identity card or similar identification document For proof of the corporate legal form Headquarters in Germany: Extract from the commercial register or partnership register or a copy of the partnership contract (e.B. in the case of a company under civil law (GbR)) Headquarters abroad: Documents from the country of origin proving the legal form For proof of personal reliability Residence in Germany: Certificate of leadership for authorities (document type O) Extract from the Business Central Register Residence abroad: Documents from the country of origin proving the personal reliability of the applicant Proof of orderly financial circumstances: Residence in Germany: Extract from the debtor register, certificate of the insolvency court and certificate of the tax office in tax matters Residence abroad: Documents from the country of origin proving orderly financial situation Proof of competence or proof of certain professional qualifications (information to the competent body as to which professional qualifications are recognised) Proof of the existence of property damage liability insurance In order to verify personal reliability, the competent authority may request further documents. In the case of legal entities (GmbH, corporate companies, AG, registered cooperatives), the application form must only be completed for the legal person. All personal documents must be submitted for all natural persons entitled to the management (e..B. personnel documents). The legal entity is also required to extract it from the central business register. Partnerships (GbR, KG, OHG, PartG, GmbH & Co. KG) are not authorised as such. Therefore, every managing partner needs permission. For each of these persons, a completed application form and all personal documents must be submitted.

Reliability necessary for commercial operations The necessary reliability does not have the ability to convict anyone convicted of a crime or certain offence sit down in the last five years. orderly financial situation These are not met if: insolvency proceedings on one's own assets, or was rejected due to lack of mass, or the applicant is entered in the debtor's register. Conclusion of property damage liability insurance At present, a minimum amount of cover of EUR 1,130,000.00 for each insured event and EUR 1,700,000.00 for all insurance claims of a year in total. appropriate knowledge and skills

The permit granted is valid for an indefinite period. It does not end until the insurance consultant renounces it. Under certain conditions, the competent authority may revoke or withdraw a permit and have the insurance adviser sifting out of the intermediary register.