Application of plant protection products: Display

Plant protection products are intended to protect plant products and plants, in particular crops (such as in agriculture, viticulture or fruit growing) from harmful organisms and other adverse effects. Plant protection products may only be used if their use is not expected to have harmful effects on human and/or animal health or groundwater. Other significant harmful effects, particularly on the natural budget, must also be ruled out. Plant protection products may only be used on open-air areas if they are used for agriculture, forestry or horticultural purposes. However, they may not be applied in or directly on surface and coastal waters. Before starting any commercial activity involving plant protection products, this must be notified to the competent body responsible for the place of business and the place of activity. The obligation to notify is the subject of the use of plant protection products for other persons or for other persons to be advised on the use of plant protection products in the context of economic activities. The handling of plant protection products in the occasional neighbourhood assistance is not subject to notification. Similarly, the competent authority must indicate before the start of the activity if plant protection products are to be placed on the market or imported for commercial purposes or in the context of other economic undertakings or via the Internet.

No documentation is required.

The competent authority shall, on request, provide the certificate of expertise. The competent body is available to advise on questions concerning training qualifications and recognised training courses for the subject and informs about any deadlines to be met. A copy of the certificate of expertise must be attached to the completed notification form (form for displaying the activity in commercial application and consultation as well as in the trade in plant protection products).

The use of plant protection products is permitted under the Law on the Protection of Crop Products (PflSchG) only persons who have a certificate of expertise issued by the competent authority, or who have the necessary technical knowledge and skills to do so, and who can guarantee that the use of plant protection products does not have an avoidable adverse effect on nature, humans and animals. Plant protection expertise must therefore prove that persons who have Use plant protection products, discuss plant health within the meaning of Article 3(3) of Directive 2009/128/EC, Use, guide or supervise plant protection products in the context of a training relationship or an auxiliary activity; put plant protection products on the market on a commercial basis, or Place plant protection products on the market via the Internet, even outside commercial activities.

Agricultural, horticultural and forestry holdings are checked for compliance with the exclusive use of approved plant protection products. The current approval situation can be requested from the competent authority. Experts are obliged to take part in an recognised further education or further education course within a period of three years from the first issue of the expert card.