Permission to handle and traffic in explosive substances on a commercial manner Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If your business requires the handling and traffic of explosive substances, you need a permit to do so.
As a rule, proof of your personal reliability, professional competence and, where applicable, your financial capacity and certain spatial conditions is required.

Companies operating in the field of mountain inspection should observe the service " Permission for the commercial handling and transport of explosive substances for companies under mining supervision ".

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For the purpose of public safety and the protection of the physical integrity of third parties, an examination of the conditions, which include:

  • an assessment of reliability and personal suitability,
  • a special specialist,
  • proof of age (completion of the age of 21) and
  • an examination of requirements relating to the intended place of use

Include. As a permit holder, you can be both a natural and a legal entity.


You must apply for permission for individual activities and describe in concrete terms the nature of the explosive substances.

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