Permission to operate a shooting range: Grant

If you operate a stationary facility that is used for shooting or other shooting exercises with firearms, testing firearms, or shooting with firearms (shooting facility), or if you want to substantially change the nature or nature of it, you need permission from the relevant firearms authority. No permission is needed for shooting sites where shots are fired in enclosed spaces solely for the testing of firearms or ammunition by manufacturers of weapons or ammunition, by weapons or ammunition experts or by scientific institutions.

Proof of expertise Proof of reliability unlimited information from the Federal Central Register (Section 5 (5) No. 1 Of Arms Act (WaffG)) Statement of the local police department (Section 5 (5) No. 3 WaffG) If necessary, proof of need Proof of suitability Proof of liability Proof of accident insurance If necessary, necessary building permit and appropriate acceptance any necessary permits or orders in accordance with construction or emission protection regulations

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The applicant needs: the necessary reliability and personal suitability and insurance against liability as well as against accident related to the operation of the shooting range. Building and immission protection permits for the construction of the shooting range Expert opinion and acceptance by a shooting range expert