Obtaining a security licence Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone wishing to guard the life or property of third parties for commercial use requires the permission of the competent authority.

Commercial guarding is subject to a permit. Surveillance in accordance with Section 34a of the Commercial Code (GewO) means the activity aimed at protecting the life or property of third parties from interference with third parties. The specific activities covered by the term "surveillance" are wide-ranging. These include, but are not

  • conventional bicycle, motor vehicle and building security,
  • the event service,
  • passenger control,
  • the carrying out of money and value transports,
  • protection of persons or
  • the guarding of industrial and military installations as well as nuclear power plants.

Surveillance requires active custody (e.B. supervision or controls). The care must be human activity.

Security contractors may be a natural or legal person. In the case of partnerships (e.B. OHG, KG), trader is any managing partner. In the case of legal entities (e.B. GmbH, AG), permission is granted by the legal entity.

  • Copy of identity card or other official identification document for all natural persons authorised to be managed
  • Proof of personal reliability
    • If you are resident in Germany:
      • Business Central Register Extract
      • Certificate of management for all natural persons entitled to the management
    • When residing abroad: documents from the home country that prove personal reliability
  • Proof of corporate legal form
    • at headquarters in Germany:
      • in the case of companies registered in a register: extract from the commercial register or the partnership register
      • otherwise a copy of the social contract (e.B. in the case of a company under civil law (GbR))
    • in the case of registered office abroad: documents from the country of residence proving the legal form.
  • Proof of orderly financial circumstances
    • current certificate in tax matters of the competent tax office (to be presented in the original); if necessary, certificate in tax matters of the municipal tax office
    • Extract from the debtor register of the Central Enforcement Court
    • Submission of an asset information
    • Information from the insolvency court as to whether proceedings have been opened (so-called negative certificate)
    • proof, the resources or collateral required for the business
  • Proof of personal expertise for all natural persons entitled to the management: presentation of proof of the required information, the successful examination of the subject matter or proof recognised as equivalent
  • Proof of the conclusion of the required liability insurance
  • In order to check the necessary conditions (in particular your personal reliability), the competent authority may request further documents and seek comments from other authorities (e.B. police, national criminal office, constitutional protection).

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  • They have the reliability required for the business.
  • They live in orderly financial circumstances.
  • They lead to
    • proof of your personal expertise by a certificate of expertise successfully passed before the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or an equivalent degree, and
    • proof of compulsory liability insurance.
  • The personal authorisation requirements (reliability, proof of successful examination of an expert examination) must be met by the tradesmen or by the legal representatives of a legal person.

    For the following guarding activities, the successful examination of an expertise examination is required:

  • inspections in public transport areas or in areas of property rights with actual public transport;
  • Protection against shoplifters;
  • Guarding in the entrance area of guest discotheques;
  • guarding reception facilities in accordance with Paragraph 44 of the Asylum Act, community accommodation in accordance with Section 53 of the Asylum Act or other real estate and facilities which are also used for temporary official accommodation of asylum seekers or refugees, in a managerial capacity;
  • Surveillance of access-protected large-scale events in a managerial capacity.

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You must apply for permission from the competent authority.

In the case of legal entities (GmbH, corporate companies, AG, registered cooperatives), you only have to fill in the application form for the legal person himself. You must submit all personal documents for all natural persons entitled to the management (e.B. identity card). For the legal entity, you also need an excerpt from the business central register.

Partnerships (GbR, KG, OHG, PartG, GmbH & Co. KG) are not authorised as such. Therefore, every managing partner needs permission. For each of these persons, you must submit a completed application form and all personal documents.

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