Permission to grant commercial arms trade

The handling of weapons or ammunition requires a permit in principle. Permission to acquire, distribute or distribute firearms or ammunition on a commercial or independent course of business or business is granted by the competent authority. It may be limited to certain types of firearms and ammunition. A register of arms trade must be kept showing the nature and quantity of firearms, their origin and whereabouts.

Certificate of expertise Certificate issued by the competent judicial or administrative authority of the home or country of origin Confirmation of the Home Authority Proof of commercial establishment, operating/business premises if necessary, transcription of already issued arms trade permits Resume

Completion of the age of 18 Reliability The necessary reliability presupposes, above all, that there is no criminal record. personal suitability For example, those persons with the assumption that they are incapacitated, addicted to alcohol or mentally ill do not have the necessary personal aptitude. Expertise The necessary proof of the most important regulations on weapons law and firearms law, on the type, construction and handling of common firearms and ammunition can be obtained if necessary by an examination at the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Specialist knowledge is deemed to be given if the conditions for the registration of a gunmaker's business in the craft role are met. Proof of a need The need (a reasonable reason) may arise from a particularly recognised personal or economic interest, for example as an arms dealer or arms dealer. Commerciality or economic enterprise A permit is granted only if the arms trade is carried out commercially or independently in the context of an economic undertaking.

In the case of gunmakers registered in the craft role, the weapons production permit includes permission to trade weapons.
The competent body shall verify that the applicant has the necessary reliability. To this end, it obtains information from the Federal Central Register and the Public Prosecutor's Office Procedural Register, as well as an opinion from the local police department. Proof of personal aptitude, expertise, needs and commerciality or economic enterprise must be provided by itself. If there are concerns about personal fitness, the competent authority may require an official or specialist or specialist psychological certificate of mental or physical fitness.

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