Auctioneer's Business Permit

For the commercial auction of foreign movable property, foreign property or third-party rights, a permission of the competent authority is required. This also applies to the independent exercise of the auctioneer trade in the standing trade and at trade fairs, exhibitions and markets within the meaning of Sections 64 to 68 of the German Commercial Code (GewO). Further conditions apply to auctions in the travel industry.

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Tax safety certificate of the tax office Information from the Business Central Register Certificate of leadership for submission to authorities Information about entries pursuant to Section 26 paragraph 2 insolvency regulations (InsO) and section 882b of the Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) in the debtor register of the competent district court In the case of traders from another Member State of the EU or an EEA Member State, documents issued in the country of origin may be used to demonstrate that the reliability and orderly financial situation of the trader/trader are met.

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personal reliability orderly financial situation
The authorisation may be subject to conditions to the extent necessary to protect the general public, the contracting persons or the offerors. Under the same conditions, the subsequent inclusion, amendment and addition of conditions is also permitted. In principle, the permit is granted for an indefinite period. It applies throughout the scope of the Trade Code. The Trade Code authorises the competent body for the Auction of perishable goods at special and fairs Auction of perishable goods at weekly markets Auction of perishable goods at trade fairs, exhibitions and wholesale markets exceptions, in particular the obligation to grant authorisation.

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