Commercial dog keeping permission Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone wishing to breed or keep dogs on a commercial basis needs permission from the competent authority.

No documents are required.

  • Formloser Antrag auf Erteilung der Erlaubnis
  • Ggf. stellt Ihre zuständige Veterinärbehörde weitere Unterlagen zur Antragstellung zur Verfügung. Bitte nehmen Sie daher Kontakt mit Ihrer zuständigen Veterinärbehörde auf

The person responsible for the activity must: having the necessary professional knowledge and skills for the activity on the basis of their training or their previous professional or other treatment of animals. Proof of this must be provided on request in a technical meeting with the competent authority. have the required reliability. The premises and facilities used for the activity must comply with the legal requirements of the Diet Care and Accommodation of the animals.

It is recommended that the requirements be made in good time before the intended commencement of the activity at the competent authority.
Permission may be granted under time limits, conditions and conditions, to the extent necessary for the protection of the animals.

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