Specialized outpatient palliative care for health-insured finance

As a legally insured person, you are entitled to specialised outpatient palliative care (SAPV). The service includes medical and nursing services, including their coordination - especially for pain therapy and symptom control. The aim is to provide care in the familiar environment of the home or family area. This includes, for example, integration assistance facilities for people with disabilities, child and youth welfare and care facilities. The special needs of children and adolescents must be taken into account. SAPV is a team effort in which different professional groups work together: doctors, nurses and cooperation partners. Included - yes according to individual needs Advice Coordination of supply, supportive partial supply or full supply If you have been admitted to an inpatient hospice, you will receive the medical care required by SAPV as a partial benefit.

Medical prescription

an incurable, progressive and advanced disease. life expectancy is limited and a particularly expensive supply is required. The benefit must be prescribed by a contracted physician or a hospital doctor.