Support for families with multiple children (from triplets) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The birth of multilings poses particular challenges for families: The care and supervision of infants and young children is usually difficult for the affected families to cope without support. In this way, additional resources can also help parents in this particular phase of their lives to cope with everyday life and to support the children. In this way, they can make small purchases or, if necessary, hire helpers in the period after birth for short-term relief.

The Land of Lower Saxony therefore supports families with multiples (from triplets) who have their main residence in Lower Saxony at the time of birth or at the time of the enrolment of the multiples and live in a household with the multiples, with a financial Support per child for childbirth and enrolment in the amount of € 250.00 each, as well as through the assumption of the honorary sponsorship by the Lower Saxony Minister for Social Affairs, Health and Gender Equality.

  • Birth certificate n of children
  • Proof of the main residence of the applicant and the children
  • Proof of the right of care for persons in the case of parents other than the biological parents
  • Proof of enrolment

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