Life partnership repeal

A civil partnership may be annulled by the court under certain conditions For the application to the competent district court - Family Court - please contact a lawyer. Your partner does not need legal representation if he or she agrees to the annulment and does not wish to make any applications The judicial procedure examines whether any of the grounds for annulment have been found.

As a rule, this requires: Your photo ID the marriage certificate in the original or in a certified copy Please seek legal advice on which documents your lawyer needs from you.


They have been living separately for a year and both want the repeal or it cannot be expected that a partnership between you can be restored, or They have already lived separately for three years or You have not yet lived a year apart, but continuing the partnership would be an unreasonable hardship for you for reasons that lie in the person of the other.
Your lawyer must apply to the Family Court on your behalf. The court shall submit the request for annulment to your life partner. There is no legal obligation to approve the divorce application. In the hearing at the hearing on the request for annulment, the life partners are usually personally consulted on the conditions for annulment. If the conditions for annulment are met, the Family Court will issue an annulment of the civil partnership by order.

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