Marketing livestock and meat Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In the field of livestock and meat, the inspectors of the competent body shall inspect, first and foremost, the slaughterhouses and the holdings acting on animals for slaughter. It shall be examined whether the weight determination at the slaughterhouse is carried out correctly, in particular whether the cutting of the carcasses of bovine animals, pigs and sheep prescribed during weighing is complied with. In addition, the correct classification in the trading classes is monitored. Weighing and classification are carried out by approved classifiers of an approved classification company. The training, testing and approval of the classifiers is also the responsibility of the competent body. The livestock sector is subject to strong fluctuations due to the constant change in supply and demand, which is why the Official Price Assessment Instrument contributes to ensuring market transparency. In this case, the reportable slaughterhouses shall be inspected by the inspectors of the competent authority.

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