Help for a living: granting Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The services are intended to ensure the basic needs of human existence, such as nutrition, clothing, personal care, household supplies, household energy, personal needs of daily life as well as adequate accommodation and heating. The services, with the exception of accommodation and heating, are provided in the form of standard sets. Individual aid can only be granted under special conditions.

In addition, additional requirements may be

  • Age and proof of the mark "G",
  • full disability and proof of the mark "G",
  • Pregnancy
  • Alone education of children,
  • cost-intensive diet in case of illness and
  • Hot water with decentralized hot water supply


In addition, health and care insurance contributions are eligible. While the aid for subsistence still includes pension benefits for old age, this is not an option for basic insurance.

Help for subsistence is available to persons in need who are not entitled to basic insurance in old age and in the event of disability, unemployment benefit II and social benefit (i.e. self-employed persons according to the Social Code Second Book (SGB II) or who are community with a working-age person)

Social assistance is a secondary benefit that people who cannot help themselves receive. Claims against third parties, in particular maintenance claims, must in principle be pursued as a matter of priority. If they are not fulfilled in time and social assistance must therefore be paid, the entitlements shall, under certain conditions, be transferred to the competent authority, which it can then claim.

Further information and advice can be obtained from the relevant body.

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  • Documents on expenses: rental contract or house charges (each with year of construction and size of the apartment), receipts about gas/water/ electricity bills, insurance (policies and contribution bills), such as household, liability, life, death insurance, possibly contribution invoices via voluntary health and long-term care insurance, etc.
  • Income documents, e.g. pension notice, unemployment benefit II notice, housing benefit notice, payroll, etc.
  • Documents about assets: bank statements of the last three months, savings accounts, fixed-term accounts, securities accounts, land register statement, etc.

You will receive the necessary application documents from the competent body.


Hilfe zum Lebensunterhalt steht bedürftigen Personen zu, die ihren notwendigen Lebensunterhalt nicht oder nicht ausreichend aus Einkommen und Vermögen bestreiten können und die erforderlichen Leistungen nicht von anderen erhalten. Die Hilfe setzt grundsätzlich mit Kenntnisnahme des Sozialhilfeträgers ein, dass die Voraussetzungen für die Leistung vorliegen.

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