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Do you live abroad and would like to register your child at a German school? Find out more about German schools abroad here.

There are currently 140 German schools in 72 countries worldwide that enable training according to German standards. You can purchase both German or international and, if necessary, national lyrises.

The majority of German foreign schools are conceived as an encounter school. In addition to German children living abroad with their parents, the doors of foreign schools are also open to children of other nationalities.

In the German-speaking schools abroad, students are taught in the German language. In addition, in the sense of a meeting school, parts of the teaching also take place in the national language or in foreign languages.

German schools abroad are not only taught knowledge and language skills. The schools attach great importance to intercultural exchange and actively maintain a partnership with schools in Germany. This gives students the opportunity to get to know Germany on site as part of an exchange.

The respective school decides which documents must be submitted at the time of registration.


There are no uniform admission requirements for the German foreign schools.

The respective school decides on the admission.

The legal basis for the education of school-aged children, unless there are bilateral agreements, is the rules of the country of residence which can be requested at school.

  • You register your child at the appropriate school.
  • The school decides on admission to the German School abroad on the basis of individual requirements and school-specific criteria.
  • You will receive information from the school as to whether or not your child will be accepted at the school.

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