Use of the national coat of arms: Approval Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The national coat of arms and the heraldic animal of Lower Saxony may only be used as emblems by the services of the Land. Use by third parties is prohibited. Unauthorized use of the coat of arms or the heraldic animal constitutes an administrative offence. The competent authority shall decide on the use of the national coat of arms on a case-by-case basis.

Associations, associations, companies and private individuals who want to express their ties with the state of Lower Saxony, especially in the social, cultural and economic spheres, are available for free use of the "Lower Saxony Sign" . It is designed as a picture-word mark and consists of a white horse running in the red oval with the word "Lower Saxony" to the right. The sign is protected by trademark law.

Documents may be required. Please contact the appropriate body.

A prerequisite for the use of the "Lower Saxony sign" is the conclusion of a user agreement, which is available for download on the website of the state government.

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The "Lower Saxony sign" may,

  • not be used to create an official or official character. Therefore, it is not possible to use it, in particular for public service bodies and persons and associations particularly close to the State.
  • not be used for election advertising, misleading advertising and, in particular, in connection with depictions that glorify violence, inhumane, pornographic, right-wing or left-wing extremist and Nazi representations.
  • not be a central design element.
  • used for purely commercial purposes, as these are not covered by the User Agreement. Such use shall be subject to special examination by the competent authority.
  • in principle, only as "one unit" are used as an image-word mark, unless an express other provision has been made. Changes and/or additions to the color position (with the exception of the black-and-white representation) and the design are not permitted.

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