Motor vehicles: wild accidents

If the game involved in an accident, whether alive or already dead, is on the road, the accident site shall, if possible, be secured by means of a warning triangle and/or warning flashing light in order to protect the following traffic and to avoid further accidents.

Dead game should only be removed from the road if this is possible without endangering one's own person.

The killing of an injured animal may only be carried out by a qualified and competent person (e.g. the person entitled to hunt).

Veterinary treatment is usually eliminated.

Please stay as far away as possible from the injured animal, because with increasing proximity to the injured animal, its stress fuls up.


Note on the prevention of wild accidents:

There is an increased risk of accidents

  • morning and evening,
  • in July / August to the Brunft of the roe deer,
  • in the transition area field/forest.

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