Vehicle registration plates Allocation exempt from tax Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Certain vehicles exempted from motor vehicle tax have green-lettered and green-riminated registration plates on a white background. These include vehicles belonging to non-profit organisations, agricultural and forestry vehicles and certain trailers.

  • valid identity card or passport with current registration confirmation - not older than 3 months
  • Approval certificate Part I
  • Certificate of Registration Part II
  • valid test report of the last main investigation (HU)
  • previous number plates (not for decommissioned vehicles)
  • Insurance confirmation in accordance with Section 23 Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV)
  • if necessary, reservation confirmation for the desired number plate

in addition, in the case of completion by third parties:

  • informal written authorisation of the applicant and identity card of the person for whom the vehicle is to be registered

for companies additionally:

  • Extract from the Commercial Register or Commercial Register
  • the identity documents of the responsible person entitled to sign (Managing Director, Authorized Representative) and their power of attorney

in the case of underage vehicle owners, additionally:

  • Declaration of consent and signature of both parents
  • their ID cards

if the vehicle was decommissioned or extinguished before 1 October 2005:

  • Unsubscribe certificate

The documents may be supplemented by further evidence in individual cases, in particular because of the exemption sought. For more information, please contact the appropriate body.

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If an application form is necessary, it can be arranged in advance at the competent authority and completed at home. Depending on the offer made by the competent authority, the application may also be made as an online service via the Internet.


If the conditions for a green number plate are no longer met, a motor vehicle tax may be fixed by the Main Customs Office. From this point on, the green indicator is ineffective and must be changed to black.

If you wish to reserve a desired number plate, this can be done in person, in writing or by telephone, as well as as an online service via the Internet, depending on the offer made by the competent authority, even before the new registration.

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The application for a green number plate must be submitted to the competent authority when the vehicle is registered. The green number plate remains on the vehicle until decommissioning (deregistration) or re-registration to another registration district.

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