Registration certificate Part I Replacement Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

There is no general obligation to exchange from the old vehicle letter to the new Registration Certificate Part II. However, there must be no coexistence of old and new papers for a vehicle. Automatically exchanged if a new vehicle license has to be issued anyway, because it has been lost, for example. This applies regardless of whether the old vehicle letter is still present or not. The vehicle registration certificate will be destroyed and replaced by the Registration Certificate Part I.

  • current identity card or passport with registration confirmation - not older than 3 months
  • Proof of a valid main examination (HU) in accordance with Section 29 Of the Road Traffic Authorisation Order (StVZO)
  • Vehicle letter or registration certificate Part II
  • SEPA direct debit mandate for the collection of vehicle tax
    • This must be submitted in writing in the original signed by the holder in the case of approval, including by third parties. In the event of a different account holder/account holder, this mandate must be signed in the original by the holder and by the account holder. The specified bank details must be proven.
    • Alternatively:
      • a certificate stating that the Main Customs Office waives the direct debit authorisation or
      • proof of exemption

in addition, in the case of completion by third parties:

  • informal written authorisation of the applicant and identity card of the person for whom the vehicle is to be registered

in the event of loss or theft of the registration certificate Part I

  • affidavit
  • informal declaration of loss of the vehicle-holding person or
  • Police theft notice

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There are sometimes problems with the transfer of old information to the new papers. In principle, the new box 22 of the registration certificate Part I serves to take over the entries in the "Remarks" box of the previous vehicle registration certificate. If the space there is not sufficient, a supplement is issued, which is attached to the registration certificate part I.

Check the correct transmission of all information when issuing the new papers and complain if any inconsistencies are possible. When the new papers are issued, have the old vehicle registration certificate devalued in order to have a document on the previous entries.

In the case of a false affidavit, penalties may occur in accordance with Sections 156, 161 of the Criminal Code (StGB) and Section 5 of the Road Traffic Act (StVG).

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