New registration of a motor vehicle from an EU country

Registration of a new vehicle from an EU country is possible on request. Approval shall be granted by the competent licensing authority.

Vehicles may only be put into service on public roads if they are approved for traffic. In the case of a new vehicle with general type approval or EC type-approval, you must apply for the assignment of an official registration number.

  • If applicable, completed application forms
  • valid identity document (identity card or passport of the vehicle owner; upon presentation of the passport additionally a current registration certificate)
  • possibly foreign vehicle documents, otherwise purchase contract or import certificate
  • CoC papers (incl. pollutant class / emission key) or if not available: expert opinion according to §13 EG-FGV or expert opinion according to § 21 StVZO
  • electronic insurance confirmation (eVB)
  • Bank details for vehicle tax (SEPA direct debit mandate)

For further information, please contact your local licensing authority.

  • if applicable, e.B. additional evidence of:
    • Name and address of the applicant as well as the tax office responsible for him according to § 21 of the Tax Code
    • Name and address of the supplier
    • Day of first commissioning
    • Mileage on the day of delivery
    • Vehicle type, vehicle manufacturer (brand), vehicle type and vehicle identification number
    • use
    • in the case of representation by a third party: your written power of attorney and your identity document (in the original); the authorised representative must be able to identify himself with his valid identity card/passport.
    • in the case of admission to minors: the written declaration of consent of the legal guardians and their identity cards (in the original); if applicable, a certificate of sole custody (so-called "negative certificate") for single referred to


Vehicles whose first registration in another EU member state was not more than 6 months ago or whose previous mileage is less than 6,000 km are considered new vehicles in accordance with § 1b UStG.

If there are vehicle tax arrears or if you have arrears of fees and expenses from previous registration processes, the registration authority refuses registration until you have paid them.

If someone registers your vehicle for you, the authorised representative must provide a written power of attorney from you. This must also include a declaration of consent that the licensing authority may inform the authorised representative of any arrears of fees and expenses.

Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV)

Scale of charges for road transport measures (RFees)

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