Residence permit: Exhibition

You need a housing permit (WBS) to purchase apartments that have been supported under the Land Housing Programmes under the Housing Act or the Housing Promotion Act. In the case of subsidized apartments, the landlord is bound to a maximum rent. The WBS only entitles the housing to be occupied in principle, but it does not constitute a "housing allocation".

The residence permits issued in Lower Saxony are generally only valid within this federal state. The period of validity of a residence permit is 1 year.

An essential condition for the issue of the residence permit is that the applicant and his household members comply with certain income limits.

  • Identity card or passport

  • Proof of income of the applicant and his household members

  • where applicable, birth certificate(s) of the child/children

  • if necessary, badge for the severely disabled

  • if necessary, marriage certificate

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