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The maintenance advance is a help for single parents. If the maintenance advance is granted, the child's maintenance entitlements in the amount of the maintenance advance paid shall be transferred to the State, which recovers the cash benefits paid from the dependent parent and, if necessary, recovers them from the parent liable for maintenance. The competent authority shall first submit the proposal.

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • identity card or passport or Residence permit
  • Confirmation of reporting or Registration register information
  • Divorce judgment if necessary
  • if necessary, written confirmation of the separated life by a lawyer
  • if applicable, a certificate of paternity recognition or a judgment on the paternity assessment
  • if applicable, a decision or a document on the amount of the maintenance obligation (maintenance title)
  • Income certificates such as child benefit, half-orphan's pension, maintenance payments
  • for children aged 15 and over who no longer attend a general education school, as well as proof of income (work or training contract, salary certificates, proof of income from property, etc.)

Maintenance advance must be requested in writing by the single parent.
You can download the maintenance advance application to your computer and fill it out on your PC. You can then send the signed application to the appropriate body. For children aged 12 and over, the supplementary sheet must also be completed and attached to the application together with the signed leaflet.


  • the child has not yet reached the age of 12

  • the parent with whom the child lives is single, widowed or divorced or lives permanently separated from his spouse

  • the other parent with whom the child does not live pays no maintenance or only partial or irregular maintenance or the child does not receive sufficient orphan's remuneration after the death of the dependent parent

New from 01.07.2017 :

Children from the age of 12 until the age of 18 are also entitled under the above conditions if:

  • the child does not receive benefits under SGB II or the maintenance benefit can prevent the child's need for help, or
  • the caring parent has income of at least EUR 600, with the exception of child benefit.
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