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The re-registration of a residence, e.g. due to a move, is the registration of a new residence.

If you move to a new municipality, municipality or city within Germany, you must register with the competent authority of the new residence. After that, a feedback to the previously responsible body is triggered by the competent authority of the new place of residence. The unsubscribe is done there automatically.

The move within the municipality, velvet municipality or city or the change of residence within a residential building must be reported to the competent authority with a period of 2 weeks.

Comply with your reporting obligation to avoid unnecessary problems and annoyance. For example, the violation of the reporting obligation results in problems with vehicle registration, the acquisition of a driving licence or the application for a management certificate.
In addition, your identity card and, if applicable, your motor vehicle license must be changed.

  • Housing provider confirmation
  • if necessary, registration slip

The competent authority will provide you with the registration certificate free of charge.

The registration document can be downloaded via many municipal websites. It is sometimes possible to register online directly via the Internet if the competent authority provides a corresponding online reporting form with secure electronic transmission of the data. However, you must sign this message with a qualified electronic signature. This requires a corresponding signature card. This is available through teleservice providers, banks and savings banks.

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