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Anyone who wants to operate a arcade or a company that is exclusively or predominantly concerned with the installation of playing equipment or the organisation of other games requires, on the one hand, a commercial permit in accordance with Section 33i of the Commercial Code (GewO) and, on the other hand, since 01.07.2012 a permission under the law on gambling under Section 24 of the State Gambling Treaty (GlüStV).

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  • Section 33i Trade Code (GewO)
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  • Certificate of leadership
  • Information from the Business Central Register
  • Certificate of safety from the tax office
  • Information from the Debtor stake
  • Floor plan for the operating rooms for commercial operation of a arcade (in 3 to 5 times version)
  • Usable area calculation
  • in the case of new setup:
    • Usage permit or building permit
  • Social concept to explain which measures are to be taken to prevent the socially harmful effects of playing on money play equipment or how they are to be remedied (cf. Section 6 Of-the-game State Treaty (GlüStV) i.V.m.dem Annex "Guidelines for the Prevention and Combating of Gambling Addiction" to the GlüStV")

The competent authority may request further documents in individual cases. For traders from another EU member state or an EEA Member State, documents issued in the country of origin may be used to demonstrate that the reliability and orderly financial situation of the trader are met.

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  • Section 24 Gambling State Treaty (GlüStV)
  • Section 33 i Trade Code (GewO)

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