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If a change of surname is desired outside the rules of civil law (i.e. not, for example, in the case of marriage or divorce), it must be requested as a change of name under public law to the competent authority.

  • Application with
    • the presentation of the important reasons
    • a statement as to whether a change of name has been requested before, when and, where appropriate, at which competent body
    • a declaration that the applicant is aware that the name change or rejection or withdrawal of the application is subject to a fee
  • Proof that the applicant is either German within the meaning of Article 116(1) of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany or stateless, homeless foreigner, foreign refugee, asylum-seeker, e.g.
    • Extract from the family register ,
    • certified copy from the family book ,
    • Nationality card ,
    • Passport, passport, identity card or children's ID
  • certified copy of the birth record for the applicant and for all persons to whom the change of surname is to cover; the documents must be more recent.
  • If the applicant is or has been married, the marriage certificate or a certified copy from the family book.
  • In the event of a name change for family law reasons, a certified copy of the family book continued as a marriage entry or the family book extract of the family whose name the applicant wishes to accept must also be presented.
  • for persons who have reached the age of 14:
    • Certificate of leadership (document type O)

The documents should be submitted in the original. In principle, all application documents remain with the competent authority. The original documents submitted will be returned after the copies have been certified.
In individual cases, further documents and supporting documents may be required to process the application. Information on this shall be provided by the competent body.

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  • German within the meaning of Article 116(1) of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany (GG), stateless persons, homeless foreigners, foreign refugees or persons entitled to asylum
  • There is an important reason, which must be detailed in the application

For the following reasons for change, additional requirements that are included in the respective service apply:

  • Declaration of displaced persons, late emigrants, their spouses and descendants
  • Explanation of the naming of spouses
  • Explanation of the naming of life partners
  • subsequent declaration of a common surname
  • Re-acceptance of the birth name
  • Changing a child's surname
  • Art. 116 Abs. 1 Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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For a person with limited legal authority, the legal representative submits the application (father, mother, guardian, carer). A guardian or guardian requires the approval of the guardianship court. The authorisation of the guardianship court and proof of the outcome of the guardianship court hearing of the applicant shall be attached to the application.

Further questions on the application will be answered by the competent body.

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