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If you want to practice hunting, you have to successfully take a hunter's exam and get a hunting license. The hunter test is carried out by the competent authority. The extensive examination consists of the shooting, the written and the oral-practical examination. Preparatory courses for the hunter examination are offered by the district groups of the state hunters and by private hunting schools. Participation in a course in preparation for the exam is strongly recommended. In order to meet the needs of the interested group of people, both intensive courses of short duration as well as courses lasting several months are offered for selection.

Required documents for the issuance (or renewal) of a hunting licence: Certificate of the passed hunter examination in the original (on first application) Passport image (only at the first exhibition and new exhibition) Proof of the existence of the statutory hunting liability insurance The competent body also requests unlimited information from the Federal Central Register. Certain entries on a strict scale prohibit the issuance of the hunting permit or cause its immediate withdrawal.

When issuing hunting licences to be used by foreign citizens, further requirements apply, about which the competent authority provides information in individual cases.

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