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The land register is used for legal traffic with land. In particular, the land registers record the ownership and private law burdens of land such as right-of-way, mortgages, land or pension debts.

Anyone who expresses a legitimate interest can consult the land register or apply for copies (subject to a fee) from it.

If, for example, ownership of a plot of land is to be transferred, i.e. a property is to be bought or sold or a land lien is to be ordered, a registration in the land register is required.

Documents are required. Please contact the appropriate body.


  • The applicant is the owner of the land.
  • The applicant's right is affected by this registration.
  • When transferring ownership of a property, the agreement on the change of law must be demonstrated in notarial form.
  • All authorisations and declarations must be in the form of public or publicly certified documents.
  • Informationen zum Thema "Grundbuch" auf dem Niedersächsischen Landesjustizportal

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