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The relocation of a standing commercial enterprise within the territory of the competent authority and the change or extension of the goods or services offered which are not customary for the registered trade require a reclassification of the commercial enterprise.

  • Identity card or passport
  • Extract from the Commercial Register
  • if necessary, proof of registration with the Chamber of Crafts
  • If necessary, certificate of approval
  • If necessary, craft card
  • in the case of representation:
    • Power of attorney for representation

In the commercial notification procedure, the notification forms required by Section 14 of the Commercial Code (GewO) must be used.

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Those service providers who, within the scope of the Trade Code (GewO), fulfil the condition of Article 4(5) Directive (EC) No 2006/123 on services in the internal market and are therefore not covered by the second sentence of Article 4(1) of the German Commercial Code (GewO) are also subject to notification, even if they have an establishment in another Member State of the EU. Exceptionally, the permanent activity outside an establishment or without having it may also be subject to notification if it is initiated on the initiative of the client.

  • Directive (EC) No 2006/123 on services in the internal market
  • Section 4 Trade Code (GewO)

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The trade re-registration is provided, among other things, by the Tax Office, the Chamber of Crafts, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the District Court, trade associations and the Labour Inspectorate.

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