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If you have found a valuable object (i.e. an item with a value of more than 10 euros), you must return this find. Contact points are the local government's lost property offices. A find display is recorded there. The find, the location and the time of the find as well as their personal details are recorded, as you may later be entitled to finder's wages or to the find itself, if no owner can be identified after the deadline.

Storage and auction

The lost property office is obliged to store found objects for at least six months. If the owner does not report within this time, you are entitled to the found item as the finder. If you do not exercise this right or if the found objects are objects found in public buildings or means of transport, the city or municipality itself becomes the owner of the property.

These finds will then be auctioned to the public at longer intervals after prior notice by the lost property office. The proceeds of the auction go to the municipality's budget.


Animals are also considered a matter of discovery. If you have found an animal, you should contact the local authority and view the find there. In consultation with the municipality, you can also drop off the animal there if necessary. It is then usually housed in an animal shelter for further care.

You can also drop off found animals directly in an animal shelter without displaying them. The information is then carried out by the shelter, as without notification the municipality is not obliged to bear the costs of the accommodation.

Documents may be required. Please contact the appropriate body.

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