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Special pedagogical support takes place in Lower Saxony in support schools and in all other general education schools. Special educational needs are accepted in the case of children and young people who are so affected in their educational, development and learning opportunities that they are not sufficiently involved in the teaching of the general school without special educational support. can be promoted. Therapeutic and social assistance from other non-school institutions may also be necessary.

Due to the need for adequate and effective support in specific priorities, oriented towards the impairments or disabilities of pupils, the support schools are differentiated as follows:

  • Support school Focus on Emotional and Social Development,
  • Support school Focus on spiritual development,
  • Support school Focus on hearing (hard-of-hearing, deaf),
  • Support school Focus on physical and motor development,
  • Support school Focus on learning,
  • Support school Focus on seeing (visually impaired, blind),
  • Funding school focus on language,
  • Funding school Focus on hearing/seeing (deaf blind).

The support school also supports the integration in the general schools through education and education, counselling, therapy, care and care. This is done through the use of special education teachers, and in individual cases also by pedagogical staff or supervisors. The scope and duration of the operation depend on the special educational requirements. As part of the work in the support centre, teachers are employed in primary education, integration classes, mobile services or in a cooperation class in the general school.

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