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Anyone wishing to marry abroad as a German or German should check with the competent foreign authority whether a certificate of marital capacity is required and whether certification is required. In some countries, the German fiancée or the German fiancée is obliged to present to the foreign official a proof of marital status issued by the German Consulate in that state. In such cases, the certificate of marital capacity is not to be procured for foreign officials, but serves as a basis for the issue of the marital status certificate at the German Consulate in the state of marriage.

If both are Germans who are spouses, their marital capacity must be examined in the same way. It is sufficient for a joint marriage certificate to be issued to both spouses, even if the competent authority is responsible only for one of the spouses.

Documents may be required. Please contact the appropriate body.


If you want to marry as a foreigner in Germany, you may need a marriage certificate. Please note the instructions in the services:

  • Marriage certificate for foreign persons Exhibition
  • Marriage certificate for foreign persons Exemption

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