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Comprehensive village development planning with intensive citizen participation, the professional support of applicants and the promotion of investment projects are the tried and tested instruments in Lower Saxony.

Funding is granted to public and private applicants in the villages that have been included in the village renewal programme of the state of Lower Saxony.

Funding can be provided:

  • Design, urban planning and landscape management as well as investment projects. These include:
    • Improving local traffic conditions,
    • Design of village open spaces, squares and town edges,
    • preservation and design of buildings that shape the site or are typical of the landscape,
    • Conversion of site-defining or landscape-typical buildings for a different purpose,
    • Revitalization of unused or vacant buildings
    • creation of leisure and recreation facilities,
    • Creation of community facilities in accordance with the village,
    • Creation of multifunctional houses,
    • Acquisition of built-up land in connection with previously listed projects.

The amount of the grant is

  • up to 63% in the case of municipalities and non-profit legal entities,
  • 35% of eligible expenditure for public service beneficiaries,
  • for other beneficiaries, 25% of eligible expenditure. In the case of private beneficiaries, a maximum grant of EUR 50,000 will be granted. Some of the above projects also have higher funding amounts.

Funding rates may increase by 5 percentage points for private applicants and 10 percentage points for public applicants if the project implements objectives of an integrated rural development concept or a Leader regional development concept.

Documents may be required. Please contact the appropriate body.


  • The planned project is located in a village located in the village development programme of the state of Lower Saxony. The programme is updated annually, i.e. villages are eliminated and new ones are added.
  • A registration number (central operating number) is required for funding.
  • Gemeinschaftsaufgabe "Verbesserung der Agrarstruktur und des Küstenschutzes"

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