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The right to care is a special form of state legal care. It regulates legal assistance and care for those of an adult who, because of a mental illness or a physical, mental or mental disability, cannot take matters into their own hands and therefore need the help of a carer. The right of care makes it possible to provide a representative in need of assistance to a representative who may take legal action for them in a well-defined area of responsibility.

This form of state legal care is only intended for people who have not already provided for a pension power in the event of a later need for help.

A family member may also be considered as a carer.

Relatives and those affected receive support and advice from the local care centre and the care associations. The local care centre and the care associations also support and advise on the topics of preventive power of attorney, care order and patient disposition.

Persons wishing to take on responsibility as carers can receive accompanying advice, training and assistance in the performance of their tasks from the local care centre and the care associations.

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  • Advice on the power of attorney for accidents, illness and age
  • Legal support Volunteering in the judiciary (Flyer, 2016 including the addresses of the state-recognised care associations in Lower Saxony)
  • Legal support - Volunteering in the judiciary (handing over as a work aid for volunteer carers)

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Section 1896 ff. Civil Code (BGB)

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