Integration assistance for people with disabilities Granted

The aim of integration assistance is to prevent or mitigate a disability. Their participation in life in the community is to be preserved or produced. You will find support in coping with daily life. These include, for example: living finances budgetary management leisure activities the promotion of private contacts and hobbies, (preparation and support), unless the task of a legal supervisor Mobility Parenting Support in school, university or for further training in the profession Support in the day care centre Tools Promoting understanding The services are individually designed. They are subordinate to the benefits of other social security institutions (e.B. health insurance fund, pension insurance institution, employment agency, accident insurance institution). The costs of the benefits are borne by the competent institution of the integration assistance. Your income or assets may be credited if necessary.

You must submit an application to the competent authority. This can be informal. The competent authority will ask you to use a form and submit further documents.

You can apply for integration assistance if: you have a disability. you are at risk of a disability. Your disability limits you in your daily life.

Further information can be found on the website of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Gender Equality and the Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family. In addition, the competent authorities provide information on the services and contact persons on their websites for integration assistance.
You shall contact the integration assistance provider responsible for you. There you can ask for advice and support or make an informal application. The competent authority will ask you to fill in a form and submit further documents. The Authority will carry out a participation and/or overall plan procedure to determine your individual needs for integration assistance. When all the documents are available, the competent authority checks on the basis of your information whether and to what extent you will receive integration assistance. After examining your application, you will receive a notice of approval or rejection. In Lower Saxony, your need for individual support is determined in principle using the needs assessment tool (B.E.Ni).

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