Construction planning

Building codes are the preparatory land use plan (covering the entire municipality) and the development plan developed from the land use plan and regulating individual construction areas. The planning authority is the competent body, which is responsible for its urban development within the framework of its planning authority, which is guaranteed by the Basic Law.

Land use plan:
The land use plan contains the urban uses intended by the planning body and differentiated for each area, e.g. residential building land, commercial building areas, supply areas, common use areas, traffic areas, green areas, forest land and agricultural land.

Development plan:
The development plan drawn up for the construction area is decisive for fulfilling the building wishes of the citizens. It contains fixings concerning the type and extent of construction, the superstructure area and the traffic areas. The effect of the legally binding development plan for the client is twofold: on the one hand, it releases the individual building plots "for development", on the other hand it contains the legal, generally binding barriers for the development of the land.

For the procedure for drawing up the building codes, the Building Code (BauGB) contains detailed regulations, which must be observed by the planning body. It is important to highlight citizens' rights of participation (early citizen participation, suggestions on the content of the plan during the public interpretation of the draft plans) and the obligation to balance all private and private and private sectors that have been put forward and are being imposed. public interest.

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